Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is a key element of good health, and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is your expert on nutrition. Nutrition Counseling with an RDN at Lakes Regional Healthcare helps you achieve your best nutritional health, whether it is an eating plan to protect your health and prevent disease or an eating plan to better manage your disease and alleviate symptoms. We help you make the best food choices for yourself or your family, prioritize changes, set achievable goals, and monitor health outcomes as part of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition Counseling is based on what you want and is not one-size-fits-all nutrition education. 

How Nutrition Counseling can help

Weight Management and Obesity Treatment

We help you develop a personalized, achievable plan to facilitate weight loss and promote positive health outcomes through long-lasting lifestyle changes. You receive creative and out-of-the-box strategies to help with meal planning, grocery shopping and mindful eating. Follow-up sessions are highly recommended.

Diabetes and Heart Health

Nutrition Counseling helps you develop a plan to effectively control your medical condition through factors you can, and want to, change, such as food choices, timing of meals, and physical activity levels. Follow-up sessions for Diabetes are highly recommended.

Digestive Health and Food Allergies, Sensitivities, and Intolerances

Our focus is on a food-friendly meal plan consisting of what you or your family member can and likes to eat, instead of what to avoid. You learn how to read food labels and find food substitutions to keep your diet balanced and enjoyable. We also provide you with meal plans and recipes for your convenience.

Eating Disorders

As part of the recovery team after inpatient treatment, Nutrition Counseling helps you or your family member stay committed to health goals. Follow-up sessions may be recommended.

Sports Nutrition

Get the winning edge! We work with you to best fuel your fitness, performance, and also your brain – whether you are looking to maintain weight, cut weight, or increase size.

Women’s Health

If you struggle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Gestational Diabetes, we can help you manage your condition through personalized eating plans. We can also help you with life changes such as pregnancy and menopause to ensure optimal health and weight management.

Nutrition Guidance

If you are recovering from surgery, taking care of aging parents, need help gaining weight, need recipes for one person or a whole family, or are starting a different style of eating such as Mediterranean or Vegetarian, we can guide your nutrition choices for the best outcomes. You can also discover how healthy cooking can be inexpensive, learn how to dine out without ruining your eating plan, and learn how to resist workplace temptations.

Nutrition Counseling Sessions:

  • Initial Session                  $60
  • Follow-Up Sessions*      $35
  • Annual Subscription**  $250

* Recommended for Weight Management/Obesity, Diabetes, and possibly Eating Disorders.

** Unlimited number of sessions and topics for one year.

To schedule an appointment for Nutrition Counseling, talk to your local healthcare provider or call 712-336-8785

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