Planning for going home from the hospital begins when you’re admitted. You and your doctor will decide when you are able to leave the hospital. Lakes Regional Healthcare wants all patients to have a smooth transition out of the hospital, whether it is to a home, a rehab facility or a skilled nursing facility. Discharge Planning staff will work closely with you, family members, and your physicians to ensure the communication of the needs of all involved are being met.

If you or a loved one is no longer able to safely stay at home, we can assist in the search for appropriate care. Placing a loved one in a new facility can be difficult and stressful for not only the patient, but the family. We work to ensure this transition is smooth.

Your nurse and other members of the health care team will also give you steps to follow at home. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask them before you go home. 

To learn more about the discharge process, call 712-336-8700 extension 6141 or after hours call 712-336-1230 and ask for the Patient Care Supervisor.


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