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Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation

Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation provides an opportunity for friends and supporters to share in bringing health and wellness to people in the Iowa Great Lakes Region through charitable gifts.


Patient Protection Fund

We all know wearing a mask and social distancing is important in preventing the spread of COVID. Within the hospital, our staff wear masks, face shields, gloves, and other personal protective equipment to prevent getting coronavirus from COVID patients. There is another important way we keep others, including our other patients, safe from patients with infectious diseases such as COVID.

Isolation rooms are patient rooms that are designed to ensure microorganisms within the air do not travel outside the room and into certain other areas within the hospital, such as patient rooms or hallways. There are two types of isolation rooms: positive pressure rooms and negative pressure rooms. Positive pressure rooms are for patients that have compromised immune systems and cannot be exposed to “outside” germs. These positive pressure rooms prevent air from the hallway or other rooms from going into the room. Negative pressure rooms keep microorganisms within that room from going into the hallway or other patient rooms. COVID-positive patients stay in negative pressure rooms to prevent the coronavirus from going elsewhere and infecting others.

Another characteristic of isolation rooms is they have more air exchanges than a normal room. In a normal room, the air is exchanged four to six times per hour. In a positive pressure room, the air is exchanged over 19 times per hour. In a negative pressure room, air is exchanged nearly 17 times per hour. As air is exchanged, the “older” air migrates to an exhaust fan that pushes the air outdoors. The exhaust fan is equipped with a HEPA filter, which “catches” the microorganisms so they are not released to the outside air.

Lakes Regional Healthcare currently has one positive pressure room and one negative pressure room. As patients have been hospitalized with COVID, we have equipped several rooms with temporary negative air machines. This has temporarily transformed the rooms into negative pressure rooms. Although this has allowed us to appropriately care for COVID patients, it is not a good long-term solution if we have more patients that need to be in isolation due to an infectious disease.

Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation would like your help to construct another permanent negative pressure room within the hospital. With your help, people with infectious diseases can better receive the care they need, when they need it. The addition of another negative pressure room will also provide more comfort knowing other patients are safe from contracting an infectious disease from another patient receiving care in the hospital.

Gifts to construct an isolation room can be made by completing and mailing the form provided in this newsletter or by calling Sonja Hamm at 712-336-8791.

Help the Patient Protection Fund with Roses…Just Because

Spread some cheer or say thank you to coworkers, parents, grandparents, neighbors, a significant other, or teachers with a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed roses. Or support a great cause. Either way, do it…just because!

LRH Foundation has teamed up with Ferguson’s Floral and Garden Center to host the annual fundraiser Roses…Just Because. By purchasing a dozen long-stemmed roses for only $25, you help support the Patient Protection Fund to construct another negative pressure room. A selection of colors will be available; however, orders for specific colors are not available.

For more information and to place orders for a dozen long-stemmed roses, please:

  • Visit donate online and select “Other” for Avera Facility and then type in “Lakes Regional Healthcare.” Then be sure to specify an amount of $25 per dozen and put “Roses” in the “Type your fund, program, or event” in the “Select Your Area of Support” section, or
  • Contact Sonja Hamm at extension 8791 or, or
  • Message LRH through their Facebook page at

All orders must be placed and prepaid by Friday, March 12. Roses will be available for pick up on Tuesday, April 20 from 12:30 pm until 5:00 pm at Ferguson’s Floral and Garden Center. A variety of colors will be available on a first come/first choice basis.

Scholarship Endowment Fund

The United States is experiencing a shortage of healthcare professionals – physicians, nurses, and technologists – because a greater percentage of them are nearing retirement and fewer people are entering the health industry as a career. Lakes Regional Healthcare is working on increasing the supply of healthcare professionals in northwest Iowa by focusing on people who have grown up in the area, in anticipation that they will come back in time and provide care to patients at Lakes Regional Healthcare and directly benefit people in Dickinson County. Lakes Regional Healthcare is helping those interested in pursuing careers in healthcare by removing as many obstacles as possible. Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation’s Scholarship Endowment Fund provides three types of annual scholarships – one for Dickinson County high school seniors, one for Dickinson County residents in an undergraduate program, and one for Lakes Regional Healthcare employees. Currently scholarships are given to up to eight people, and the dollar value of the scholarships totals up to $7,000 annually. The desire is to grow the fund to be able to increase both the number of scholarships awarded and the dollar amounts of those scholarships.

Your gift of $100, $50, $25 or whatever amount is right for you, will help ensure people continue to receive quality, accessible healthcare in the future. You may also use your gift to honor or pay tribute to a dear friend or loved one.

Students: Apply Now to the Scholarship Endowment Fund

Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation is now accepting applications to their Scholarship Endowment Fund. The fund was designed to support those in our community who are pursuing advanced certifications and degrees in the healthcare field. The program will award up to eight scholarships annually with a maximum $7,000 collective total. The scholarship is open to the following:

  • Dickinson County High School Senior
  • Dickinson County Undergraduate student going in to their third or fourth year of college or pursuing advanced certification in a healthcare field
  • Current Lakes Regional Healthcare employee in good standing

Application Details


East Side Patio Memorial Gifts

Pavers and Seat Walls at Lakes Regional Healthcare’s East Side Patio engraved with your loved one’s name are wonderful ways to help Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation while memorializing your loved one.

Donate Online

Donate online by clicking the “Donate” box above. Once there, select “Other” for the Avera facility, type “Lakes Regional Healthcare” in the “Other Avera Facility” box and make a donation in a matter of a couple minutes!

Amazon Smiles

Whenever you purchase items at Amazon, go to this web address instead: It brings you to the regular Amazon site, but it asks you to identify a charity. Select Lakes Regional Healthcare Foundation and from there, Amazon will give us a portion of your item’s purchase price!


Mark your calendars now for Friday, August 13, 2021 for Grape Escape Uncorked! It will be a casual event at the Round Lake Vineyards & Winery where you’ll listen to live music, enjoy barrel tasting, and a lot more.

Please understand this event will be conditioned upon the COVID status of the area at the time.


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