Critical Care

With skilled, compassionate professionals and state-of-the-art technology, Lakes Regional Healthcare is equipped for complex medical care. Our Critical Care Unit includes three large, private rooms and one nurses station. It’s designed for nurses to essentially be at the patient’s bedside in a quieter, more healing environment. The Critical Care Unit is connected to our inpatient department and conveniently accessed by our south entrance. Knowing how important close friends and family are to the healing process, the Critical Care Unit also includes a large family lounge area and bathroom.

Advanced Technology

We believe the absolute best technology should be available to hospital patients even when in a more rural location. That’s why we offer Avera eICU® CARE, which brings the latest in telemedicine and critical care to our patients by connecting them and their local healthcare providers to board-certified intensivists in Sioux Falls, South Dakota who monitor and quickly react to any changes in condition or vital-signs.