Comprehensive Obstetrics Services in Spirit Lake Iowa

Lakes Regional Healthcare offers a wide range of obstetrics services to patients throughout the Iowa Great Lakes region. If you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, and want to see a family medicine physician, call 712-336-3750 today to schedule a consultation. 

Obstetrics Services Offered at Lakes Regional Healthcare

Many of the physicians at Lakes Regional Family Medicine provide reproductive care during pregnancy. This includes prenatal care, delivering the baby, and postpartum care. They offer the following obstetrics services.

Pregnancy Care 

Pregnancy is a time of constant transition and transformation. Your obstetrics provider will be there to help you through all three trimesters, managing risk factors and helping you (and your baby) stay healthy along the way. During regular visits, your obstetrician will monitor your wellness and make sure your baby is growing, helping to educate you about what to expect along the way.

Pregnancy care consists of:

  • Management of health risk factors while pregnant
  • Identification and management of health/medical conditions while pregnant
  • Screening tests for fetal abnormalities (including ultrasounds, blood tests, and more)
  • Tracking your baby’s growth
  • Nutritional education to help you–and your baby–stay healthy
  • Childbirth and breastfeeding education classes, so you know what to expect
  • Child safety seat checks and education.

Birth Center

Lakes Regional Healthcare patients have access to a high-end, region-leading Birth Center, complete with the latest technologies and expert staff. At the LRH Birth Center, you’ll have a dedicated nurse with you the whole time to monitor your progress and communicate directly with your doctor. After your baby is born, the Birth Center staff will perform early health screenings and give you time for bonding with your newborn. 

The Birth Center offers:

  • IV and epidural based pain management therapies
  • Natural pain medication options, where available and recommended
  • State of the art fetal monitoring
  • Tubs, whirlpools, and supportive rockers designed to keep you comfortable throughout your stay
  • A pull-out bed for fathers, who are included throughout the entire process

Postpartum Care

Often called the “fourth trimester of pregnancy,” postpartum care is critical to your recovery from labor and birth. The right postpartum care can help your body heal more quickly and ensure lingering discomfort is properly managed. Providers will also help you monitor the health of your new baby–and make sure your own wellness gets the attention it deserves, too.

Postpartum care includes the following:

  • Pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Birth control services
  • Sterilization services
  • Best Care for Better Babies home visits: Receive visits from registered nurses through Dickinson County Public Health. These nurses can help you with postpartum concerns such as breastfeeding, postpartum depression, incision healing, and more.

Check out our blog for more in-depth information on the “fourth trimester of pregnancy”!

Newborn Care

One of the most joyous parts of obstetrics is helping you care for the health of your newborn baby! Newborn care emphasizes screenings and education, so you know how to form bonds with your new baby and keep them healthy over those first few critical months (and beyond). Newborn care at Lakes Regional Healthcare includes the following:

  • Skin-to-skin care between mom and her baby is essential for forming lasting bonds
  • Apgar test for hearing
  • Vitamin K shot to aid blood clotting and prevent rare but serious bleeding problems
  • Eye drops to prevent bacterial infections that are sometimes picked up at birth
  • Blood tests to screen for some rare disorders
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) education

Here for All Your Obstetrics Needs

Lakes Regional Healthcare is here for all your obstetrics needs, from prenatal visits to delivery to postpartum care. Our physicians are among the best in the region–and they’re all accepting new appointments. So if you have questions about your obstetric care, contact our offices today at 712-336-3750 to schedule an appointment!


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