Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a novel (new) virus that causes respiratory symptoms and can lead to hospitalization and even death.

COVID-19 Testing

Patients with COVID-19 symptoms can receive a COVID test with a provider appointment Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, at the discretion of the provider. An appointment is required by calling 712-336-3750. Testing will occur within Lakes Regional Family Medicine. Tests can also be purchased at local retailers. Free tests can also be ordered here.

How We Care for COVID Patients

We have had much success treating COVID-positive patients at Lakes Regional Healthcare. Medical staff follow best practice treatment protocols from Avera and various hospitals and medical societies. Some of the ways we care for COVID-positive patients include:

Various levels of supplemental oxygen

We have five heated high-flow oxygen machines and four ventilators/Cpap/Bipap machines that improve oxygen flow. There are also four negative pressure rooms in the hospital that are used for COVID-positive patients because they increase the air exchanges in the room to make the air in the room cleaner. We also have in-house Respiratory Therapists to assist nursing staff and monitor the patients’ oxygen levels.


eServices for Additional Care

Our patients receive extra care remotely from Avera professionals via eServices such as eICU, ePharmacy, eRespiratoryTherapy, eER, and eHospitalists.


Specialty Medications

Symptoms of COVID-19 have been shown to improve when patients take medications such as Remdesivir, an anti-viral medication. In addition, steroids such as Dexamethasone help to decrease inflammation in the lungs. Our healthcare professionals administer these and other specialty medications known to help COVID patients. Although currently supply levels of these medications seem stable, this remains an ongoing concern.



Many patients benefit from prone positioning, which is a term that refers to the patient laying on their stomach. This is especially beneficial for larger patients because it relieves the pressure on the lungs, allowing the lungs to expand and allow more oxygen flow.


COVID Safety Measures Within Lakes Regional Healthcare

Lakes Regional Healthcare has taken several steps to decrease the chances of getting COVID-19 on the hospital’s campus, such as:

  • Disinfect equipment and other surfaces after each patient encounter
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after each patient encounter
  • Follow rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols facility-wide


In addition, we encourage patients to take other steps to reduce their risk of getting COVID-19 while on our campus, including:

  • Practice proper hygiene by washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after visit
  • Avoid touching communal surfaces, such as doorknobs and elevator buttons, as much as possible
  • Avoid touching face, eyes, nose and mouth
  • Do not come in if feeling sick or have a fever or cough (those experiencing these symptoms should call ahead prior to their appointment)