Cardiac Rehabilitation

It’s common to feel anxious and worry after having a cardiac event. We are here to help and support you with your recovery and to get you on the road to good health.

Lakes Regional Healthcare’s outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program is especially for those with heart disease who have had a cardiac event. A special focus is placed on helping you recover from that event or surgery. The cardiac rehab team provides you with exercise information, education, and strength training during continuous cardiac monitoring. Your program is personalized for you based on your fitness level and is performed in an environment where you will feel safe and learn how to keep your heart healthy. 

Our cardiac rehab program has three phases. The first phase begins with education about your illness and how cardiac rehabilitation will help you recover. A small amount of exercise is done during the first phase. The second phase is done in the hospital’s Outpatient Center and focuses on closely monitored exercise and education. You are placed on telemetry equipment while you exercise, which monitors your heart rate and rhythm to determine how exercise affects your heart. The final phase also has a focus on exercise, but also of building your confidence in your heart’s ability to endure exercise. You are taken off telemetry, but are still closely monitored with a Registered Nurse’s supervision.