Ambulance Service

Medical emergencies happen every day. Whether it occurs when you’re out shopping, working, or at home, our Mobile Intensive Care Services (MICS) staff will immediately get to you to provide the care you need. Our MICS team consists of experienced paramedics and EMTs. They are specially trained in hazardous materials operations, triage, dependent adult and child abuse recognition, emergency driving, advanced trauma life support, advanced medical lift support, advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support and neonatal resuscitation. Our EMTs are enrolled in paramedic classes at local and regional colleges. Many continue their education and become Critical Care Paramedics. Lakes Regional Healthcare provides financial assistance to employed EMS providers interested in advancing their training to the paramedic level. The MICS staff:

  • Respond to all medical emergencies in Dickinson County
  • Assist all areas of the hospital with patient care
  • Provide education to hospital staff
  • Move patients to their rooms from various areas of the hospital
  • Establish IVs in all areas of the hospital
  • Assist with difficult deliveries in the OB or when infant resuscitation may be needed
  • Respond to all in-house emergencies
  • Are responsible for crash cart/AED maintenance throughout the hospital
  • Maintain PAPR equipment for both pandemic and Hazmat responses
  • Respond to security incidents in the hospital
  • Assist with getting patients out of and into vehicles at hospital entrances

If you’re interested in working here, we’d love to meet you. Click here to see what positions are available at Lakes Regional Healthcare.

Impressive Fleet of Ambulances

We have a fleet of five ambulances, three of which are located at Lakes Regional Healthcare. The other two are used by First Responders and kept in Lake Park and Terril. The ambulances are equipped with the latest life-saving equipment, such as Stryker power lift cots and lift systems, LUCAS CPR devices, transport ventilators and Lifepack 15 heart monitors.

Sometimes the emergency care you need must be received elsewhere. In those instances, rapid emergency air or ground transport are essential. We’re ready to respond 24/7 with:

  • Helicopter transport service – Helicopters provide smooth, quiet emergency transport when weather allows.
  • Fixed wing transport service – If helicopter transport is limited by weather, airplanes are comfortable, effective and ready at all times to provide emergency transports.
  • Emergency vehicles – Our ground ambulances provide high quality critical care during transport to and between medical facilities.

We transport patients to hospitals throughout the region, including: 

  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • Rochester, MN
  • Sioux City, IA
  • Omaha, NE
  • Minneapolis, MN


Partnership with Local Volunteer First Responders

An MICS team is on the Lakes Regional Healthcare premises at all times, and when a 911 call is made, they immediately drive the ambulance to the emergency to provide care. It takes an average of 9 minutes for our MICS team to arrive at emergencies, and we appreciate the volunteer First Responders that may arrive to the scene first. These are volunteers that are certified First Responders all the way up to the Paramedic level of education and live within every community in Dickinson County. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer First Responder, please click here.