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About Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that happens only during pregnancy. When you eat, some of the food turns into glucose (sugar) and goes into your bloodstream.


Birth Center Brochure

A new baby truly is life’s greatest gift – the anticipation over nine months, the excitement when your little one arrives, and the joy as the bond between you and ...


Complete Guide to Pregnancy

Having a baby: Complete Guide to Pregnancy


Infant Safety Brochure

We want you and your infant to have the best possible experience during your stay with us. As part of this experience, the staff at Lakes Regional Healthcare Avera is ...


Newborn Crying and Comfort Techniques

Crying is an important communication tool for baby. Cries may mean baby is hungry, needs to be changed, is sick or in pain, tired, bored, lonely, or over-stimulated. Many babies ...


Postpartum Care at Home

Postpartum care, nutrition, baby blues and more.