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LRH Providing Free “Let’s Get Cooking” Program

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February 12, 2021 – Lakes Regional Healthcare (LRH) will launch the “Let’s Get Cooking” program in March. The free program consists of several resources to eat delicious, affordable meals throughout the month, including:


  • Family-friendly meals for the month of March
  • Recipes and estimated cost per serving for each meal
  • Comprehensive guide of 28 food budgeting tips and local low- and no-cost food resources
  • Weekly Facebook Live cooking events
  • List of staple ingredients


LRH Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Beth Samuelson said the program officially runs from February 28 through March 27, and during that time she’ll host Facebook Live cooking events every Monday at 5:30 pm. “We’ll have recipes you probably haven’t tried before. They are easy to make, delicious, and affordable. Each meal costs under $2 per serving.”


The “Let’s Get Cooking” meal plan and recipes guide, 28 Food Budgeting Tips, and Staples List can be found on LRH’s website at “They’re listed in the Resources section alphabetically by title,” said Samuelson. “We hope people find the information useful and join us on the Facebook Live events. We would like to engage our community by putting nutrition information into actionable culinary behaviors.”


Those interested in attending the Facebook live events are encouraged to follow Lakes Regional Healthcare on Facebook and purchase items from the staples list and Monday’s meal beforehand.


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